"A burden of life is the danger of giving in to our most selfish selves.   The blessing of life comes when we face what is in us, that part of us that enslaves us, and somehow with Jesus' help our spirits are set free. 





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 John Lennon said "A dream you dream alone is only a dream.  A dream you dream together is reality."    Beatitude Code helps Pell Grant-eligible college students realize their dreams.  According to the Department of Education less than half of Pell Grant-eligible students nationwide ever earn a degree.   Mentoring programs improve graduation rates by 80%.  Our program helps students by giving them the resources they need, connections that matter, and relationships that may last a lifetime.  


Beatitude Code is a non-profit that  supports young people (primarily between 17-25 years old) who have a qualified need for financial assistance to help them realize their potential. Once approved for a scholarship to a college or a trade school, Beatitude Code forms a partnership with each student, providing a trained mentor volunteer who offers their encouragement, support, and life experience.   Other services include access to the Beatitude Code Resource Network: career testing, job interviews, internships, counseling, and professional services  (lawyers, physicians, counselors) and more..   Applications are taken online.  

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Beatitude Code Mentors provide one-to-one mentoring support to young people who are facing the challenges of completing their education, and discovering their life's purpose.  Beatitude Code is multi-generational.  The generations are better when they are engaging each other.   Mentors take the time to develop a trusting relationship with students, learning about their dreams and the challenges.  Anne Frank said "helping others is like helping yourself. "    (Retired people are people are encouraged to participate.)  If you want to be considered to be a mentor fill out the application form below.   All mentors are offered 12 hours of training which is done at a designated site or online.

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Why Beatitude Code

 Jesus teaches us the Beatitudes so we can know who we are in God. Sometimes people have overlooked the joy, the depth of Jesus' teachings, even his humor.  Too often the narrow confines of religion fail to see the hidden mysteries of the Beatitudes, thus Beatitude Code.    Jesus invites each us to take a spiritual journey to crack the code so we can live each day with the enlightenment of our Salvation.   Early Christians called themselves "The Way" because they were willing to walk with each other in Love as the unwavering " Hope of Humanity."   

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We are located in the mountains 7 miles outside of Highlands NC; 9 miles north of Dillard Ga;  2 1/2 hours north of Atlanta; 90 minutes from Ashville, NC - 



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“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.”
George Washington Carver